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QSFP28 (100G)
QSFP+ (40G)
D-Link Datasheets
DEM-410CX module Datasheet
DEM-410X and 420X modules Datasheet
DEM-411T Module Datasheet
DEM-411X module Datasheet
DES-1005P Datasheet
DES-1008P+ Datasheet
DES-1008PA Datasheet
DES-1018MP Datasheet
DES-1024D Datasheet
DES-1026G Datasheet
DES-105 and DES-108 Datasheet
DES-1210 Series Datasheet (DES-1210-08P, DES-1210-28, DES-1210-28P, DES-1210-52)
DES-1226G Datasheet
DES-1228, DES-1228P, DES-1252 Datasheet
DES-1250G Datasheet
DES-3000 Series Datasheet (DES-3010G, DES-3010F/3010FL, DES-3016, DES-3018, DES-3026)
DES-3028/52 Datasheet (DES-3028, DES-3028P, DES-3052, DES-3052P)
DES-3200 Series Datasheet (DES-3200-10, DES-3200-18, DES-3200-26, DES-3200-28, DES-3200-28F, DES-3200-28/ME)
DES-3226SM Datasheet
DES-3500 Series Datasheet (DES-3526, DES-3526DC, DES-3550)
DES-3528 and DES-3552 Series Datasheet (DES-3528, DES-3528DC, DES-3528P, DES-3552, DES-3552P)
DES-3800 Series Datasheet (DES-3828, DES-3828DC, DES-3828P, DES-3852)
DES-7200 Series Datasheet (DES-7206, DES-7210)
DGS-1008P Datasheet
DGS-1016D and DGS-1024D Datasheet
DGS-105 and DGS-108 Datasheet
DGS-1100 Series Datasheet (DGS-1100-05, DGS-1100-05PD, DGS-1100-08, DGS-1100-08P, DGS-1100-08PD)
DGS-1200 Series Datasheet (DGS-1216T, DGS-1224T, DGS-1224TP, DGS1248T)
DGS-1210 ME Series Datasheet (DGS-1210-10/ME, DGS-1210-28/ME, DGS-1210-52/ME, DGS-1210-10P/ME, DGS-1210-28P/ME, DGS-1210-52MP/ME)
DGS-1210 Series Datasheet (DGS-1210-10P, DGS-1210-16, DGS-1210-24, DGS-1210-48)
DGS-1500 Series Datasheet (DGS-1500-20, DGS-1500-28, DGS-1500-28P, DGS-1500-52)
DGS-1510 Series Datasheet (DGS-1510-20, DGS-1510-28, DGS-1510-28X, DGS-1510-52X, DGS-1510-28P, DGS-1510-28XMP, DGS-1510-52XMP)
DGS-3000 Series Datasheet (DGS-3024, DGS-3048)
DGS-3000-10TC Datasheet
DGS-3100 Series Datasheet (DGS-3100-24TG, DGS-3100-24, DGS-3100-24P, DGS-3100-48, DGS-3100-48P)
DGS-3120 Series Datasheet (DGS-3120-24TC, DGS-3120-48TC, DGS-3120-24PC, DGS-3120-48PC, DGS-3120-24SC)
DGS-3200 Series Datasheet (DGS-3200-10, DGS-3200-16, DGS-3200-24 )
DGS-3224TG Datasheet
DGS-3224TGR Datasheet
DGS-3312SR Datasheet
DGS-3400 Series Datasheet (DGS-3426, DGS-3426P, DGS-3427, DGS-3450)
DGS-3420 Series Datasheet (DGS-3420-28TC, DGS-3420-28SC, DGS-3420-28PC, DGS-3420-52T, DGS-3420-52P)
DGS-3600 Series Datasheet (DGS-3612, DGS-3612G, DGS-3627, DGS-3627G, DGS-3650, DGS-3612, DGS-3612G, DGS-3627, DGS-3627G, DGS-3650)
DGS-3620 Series Datasheet (DGS-3620-28TC, DGS-3620-28SC, DGS-3620-28PC, DGS-3620-52T, DGS-3620-52P)
DGS-3630 Series Datasheet (DGS-3630-28TC, DGS-3630-28SC, DGS-3630-28PC, DGS-3630-52TC, DGS-3630-52PC)
DGS-6600 Chassis Datasheet (DGS-6600-CM, DGS-6600-48T, DGS-6600-48S, DGS-6600-48TS, DGS-6600-8XG, DGS-6600-48P, DGS-6600-24SC2XG)
DIS-100G Series Datasheet (DIS-100G-5W, DIS-100G-5SW, DIS-100G-5PSW)
DIS-200G Series Datasheet (DIS-200G-12S, DIS-200G-12SW, DIS-200G-12PS, DIS-200G-12PSW)
DMS-1100 Series Datasheet (DMS-1100-10TS, DMS-1100-10TP)
DSS-16+ Datasheet
DSS-24+ Datasheet
DWC-1000 (Unified Wireless Controller)Datasheet
DWC-2000 (Unified Wireless Controller) Datasheet
DWS-3160 (Unified Wireless Switch)Datasheet
DWS-4026 (Unified Wireless Switch)Datasheet
DXE-810S adapter Datasheet
DXS-1100-10TS Datasheet
DXS-1210 Series Datasheet (DXS-1210-10TS, DXS-1210-12TC, DXS-1210-16TC)
DXS-3400 Series Datasheet (DXS-3400-24TC, DXS-3400-24SC)
DXS-3600 Series Datasheet (DXS-3600-32S,DXS-3600-16S)
DXS-5000 Series Datasheet (DXS-5000-54S)